Gems, Gold & Elixir Generator

We are proud to represent you the ultimate Clash of Clans Hack tool - cheat application for one of the most popular mobile game nowadays!
Our tool is made both for iOS and Android devices, developed by Indonesian group of programmers and enthusiasts players who devoted their knowledge and skills to produce the ultimate cheat tool which can generate unlimited amounts of Gems, Gold and Elixir which are inevitably currencies if you want to be successful in playing this game.

Although Clash Of Clans game is free to download and play, a currency called Gems (which are used to buy resources in the game, upgrading the town hall for example, or training the troops etc.) can be purchased for real money in the game's App Store. This is somehow discriminatory because it gives more opportunity to rich people to be more strong and successful in the game, which is one more reason why we made Clash Of Clans Hack Application.
Some popular CoC players such as Jorge Yao, Kemal, Flammy and others admitted they're spending hundreds of dollars per week on buying Gems to invest in their trophies, villages, troops and other resources in the game. But with our cheat tool everyone can be equal now and the biggest achievement will earn the best player with his strategy, but not the one who is richest!

Clash of Clans Hack

How this application works?

We came trough to find an exploit in the game's code in their database and after some hard work research and testing on it we finally managed to hack resources successfully!
But this is not all! Even if the Clash Of Clans developers team make a patch and block our software from exploiting their database, our daily updating system will automatically change different encryption of our tool so we can freely say our app will always stay undetectable and successfully work as long as the game is alive!

How to use Clash of Clans Cheats?

Our tool is very simple to use and everyone can do it! Just follow the instructions below and you can't go wrong!

  • Download our cheats pack and then unzip it.
  • Run the Clash Of Clans game on your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and then connect your device using USB cable with your PC/Mac.
  • Run the Clash Of Clans Hack application you downloaded and choose your desired amounts of Gems, Elixir and Gold to add to our account
    (In our first beta version there was also an option to add the Shields and Builder's Huts but we decided to remove it because you can purchase them anyway with your generated Gems if you need it.)
  • Press "Hack!" button and enjoy your free Gems, Gold and Elixir!

Like you can see, our tool has a very user-friendly interface and anyone can use it! So don't wait. Visit our files section, download Clash Of Clans Hack and lead your clan to victory!